Most engineering firms are too busy to focus on attracting, developing, and retaining talented professionals, making it hard to grow.  At EMI, we use a proven framework to help firms build professional development plans, programs, and tools that help them attract, build AND maintain strong teams and grow sustainably.

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Meet the Engineer Who Started It All

Like many engineers, I had a goal of becoming a high-level executive in my engineering organization.  When observing the leaders in my company, it was obvious that they possessed skills in addition to their technical skills, namely great people management or ‘soft’ skills.  So, I set out to develop my ‘soft skills,’ a move that not only rapidly advanced my career, but led to me becoming an internal coach and trainer for my company, and ultimately inspired me to leave my engineering career behind to spend more time helping engineers become more effective managers and leaders.

When I first decided to try to help engineers develop their management skills on a broad scale, people told me I wouldn’t succeed.  They said engineers aren’t interested in developing these skills and they certainly wouldn’t listen to podcasts or watch videos on the subject.  Well, three million downloads later and a Forbes citation has proven them wrong.

Engineers with sound people and project management skills can accomplish anything, for themselves and their firms, and our mission is to make sure that sustainable engineering management learning opportunities are available to every organization and engineer who needs them.

Let us help you succeed.

Anthony Fasano, PE
Author of Engineer Your Own Success
President & CEO - Engineering Management Institute

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Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

We are proud to be a purpose-driven company in the service of others. A mission, vision, and set of core values are essential to such a company that is truly devoted to a cause greater than itself. We are excited to share ours here as a commitment to you of our authenticity as well as a means of ensuring that our work is held accountable to these high standards'

Mission Statement

A mission is a company’s north star. It establishes a reason for being—a “why” we exist. All of our work is guided by this simple, empowering, and unifying statement.

Our Mission: We help engineering professionals become successful managers and leaders through learning transfer so that they are equipped to lead the projects that will shape the world moving forward.  Through achieving this mission, we will also provide EMI’s team members with pathways to their personal and professional goals.

Key Characteristics

  1. Effective: We focus on tasks that are high impact and drive value for our clients.
  2. Dedicated: We work hard to develop the most engaging content and training programs in the engineering industry.
  3. Balanced: As much as we love our work, we also love downtime and the ability to be present with family and friends, which allows us to recharge and come back to work energized.

Critical Actions

  1. Prioritize: We are focused on the tasks and people that matter most to us, and we consistently optimize our processes.
  2. Deliver: We deliver value to our clients through high quality content and training programs that yield interaction, engagement and improvement.
  3. Relax: Outside of working hours, we disconnect, and spend time with loved ones doing things that we enjoy doing.

Our Story

Most engineering professionals don’t receive training in soft skills including leadership and project management.  This results in poor management for many companies causing poor performance, reducing profitability, recruiting challenges and retaining key professionals.

At EMI, we provide content, training and development programs to help engineering professionals acquire these hard-to-obtain non-technical skills.  The content is delivered by engineers in a way that transfers smoothly to the job.  They don’t just learn about people or project management skills; they also improve these skills on-the-job.

When you use EMI to design and deliver training and development programs, your investment will improve management and leadership in your team, positively affecting both company culture and profitability.

Our Theme

Every engineering professional deserves the opportunity to become an effective manager and powerful leader.

All things EMI are brought to you by an amazing team of talented professionals. Each member of our team has years of experience in the engineering world that helps us to live out our mission. They are the ones making it all happen!


“This was a very useful and informative session. Anthony Fasano is a good presenter and is very knowledgeable, and I have enjoyed the several sessions in which I have been able to participate that have been led by him”

Project Manager, McMahon Associates, Inc.

“The Engineering Management Accelerator program was a great way to train a group of managers, from different disciplines and office locations, without incurring travel costs. They learned how to collaborate and solve business problems by utilizing technology, which can be a huge benefit in a multi-locational company. Our managers enjoyed the project challenge part of the training because “it was a real life issue that we had to solve” and will take the skills they developed in the workshops and “apply them to their everyday interactions.”

Director of Learning & Development, Pennoni

“All of our engineers from entry level through upper-level managers have been able to connect with Anthony Fasano of EMI in one way or another. His advice is practical and to the point. He is able to engage everyone in the conversation because he is both a good speaker and listener. We are very pleased we found a professional who epitomizes what a successful engineer-leader can be."

CEO, Siefert Associates

“We are a small civil engineering firm with an emphasis on the “Customer Experience”. Every employee is enrolled in the Engineering Management Institute custom training program and is benefiting. My entire staff embraces the curriculum. Anthony is an outstanding speaker and presents information that is both engaging and actionable for all levels. I would highly recommend Anthony and the EMI team."

Andrew D. Palffy, PE
President, dk Engineering