Women in Engineering: Success Stories from STEM Professionals

There are many women in the field of engineering that have lofty career goals, however, achieving them can be difficult due to the lack of support for women in engineering.

The Women in Engineering Podcast (WIE) will serve to provide support, information, and inspiration to women navigating the complex and exciting world of engineering. The show has been designed to empower and uplift women at all stages of their engineering journey.

Tiffani Teachey, host of The WIE Podcast, is not just a Senior Mechanical Engineer, she is an unwavering champion of diversity in all STEM fields. Her illustrious career and passion for fostering diversity and inclusion within the engineering profession makes her the perfect custodian of this podcast.

As you tune in to the Women in Engineering Podcast, you’ll find yourself immersed in profound discussions on the latest engineering trends, while the spotlight is firmly fixed on addressing the unique challenges faced by women in the field.

Whether you’re an aspiring engineer, a seasoned professional, or simply someone who appreciates the power of diversity and empowerment, The Women in Engineering Podcast is your go-to destination for inspiration, motivation, and real career success tactics for women in the world of engineering.

To your success,

Anthony Fasano, PE
President of The Engineering Management Institute


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