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  • Consider a tailored internal training program that can quickly create developmental results for your team, and also provide recruiting and retention benefits.
  • Learn what you or your staff needs for their personal development growth by taking our Engineering Management Training Needs Assessment.
  • Determine your engineering managers' potential with our CMAP assessment tool - Current Management Abilities Potential.
  • As of 2019, all training participants will be issued with a Digital Badge. Click here to learn more about EMI Digital Badging program.

What Others Are Saying About Our Programs...

“The Engineering Management Accelerator program was a great way to train a group of managers, from different disciplines and office locations, without incurring travel costs. They learned how to collaborate and solve business problems by utilizing technology, which can be a huge benefit in a multi-locational company. Our managers enjoyed the project challenge part of the training because “it was a real life issue that we had to solve” and will take the skills they developed in the workshops and “apply them to their everyday interactions.”

Director of Learning & Development, Pennoni

"All of our engineers from entry level through upper-level managers have been able to connect with Anthony Fasano of EMI in one way or another. His advice is practical and to the point. He is able to engage everyone in the conversation because he is both a good speaker and listener. We are very pleased we found a professional who epitomizes what a successful engineer-leader can be."

CEO, Siefert Associates

"I have been a part of EMI for just over a year and I am very pleased with the EMI community. I was a student when I joined and I felt like I was getting a jump start by being exposed to all the great content on the EMI website. The discussions held on the discussion board are very interesting and the responses are very practical and can be implemented right away. The advice given to me by Anthony and other community members about negotiating and networking etc. helped me secure a job after graduation and with the EMI community in my network I am confident I can be successful at my new job. I strongly recommend you join the EMI community and surround yourself with like-minded professionals that are striving for success and willing to share their knowledge."

Engineer, Alcon

"The team that went through the accelerator program presented their project to our executive team, which included our CEO who was extremely engaged and was very impressed with not only what they proposed but the teamwork that went behind putting the presentation together. Overall Maser Consulting was extremely happy with the accelerator program, the skill building that our employees got out of it, and the presentation that was made was something that will be very valuable to the company and we'll use going forward, and we will surely be enrolling other employees in the program going forward."

Director of Human Resources/PrincipalMaser Consulting P.A.

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Upcoming Webinar

How to Use LinkedIn® to Build Your Professional Network for Engineering Professionals (1 PDH)

September 19th at 1:30pm EST

Building strong relationships is a critical component of career success for engineering professionals. One tool that can facilitate building relationships is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a free social networking site dedicated 100% to business use. Unfortunately, most engineering professionals don’t use it effectively. However, it’s actually easy to use and leverage, if you follow the tips presented in this webinar.

Learning Objectives: The purpose of this webinar is for you to leverage the power of LinkedIn to grow your professional network and build relationships. In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Build an engaging LinkedIn profile,
  • Write a LinkedIn summary that will get people’s attention,
  • Connect with right people for you and your company,
  • Leverage LinkedIn Groups instead of wasting time in them, and,
  • Obtain recommendations to attract clients and new opportunities.

EMI Presents...Women in Civil Engineering

Monica Morales, PE, ENV SP at Engineers Week 2019
Monica Morales, PE, ENV SP at Engineers Week 2019

The Civil Engineering Podcast is featuring Women in Civil Engineering series. Click here for more information or to submit a woman to be featured.

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